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What are Weed Tigers?


You better believe it! Weed Tiger, Inc. has manufactured a slick weed trimmer replacement line that requires no winding—so it eliminates tangles AND weed-eating headaches. Packaged with simple instructions, these bright yellow precut lines are convenient and durable.

How do they work? Two (2) Weed Tigers are installed, opposite each other for balance, right into the existing plastic head on your OLD trimmer, and held into place by centrifugal force.

"Of special note"—Weed Tiger line is 145+/- gauge, a heavier gauge than the standard and has a cutting edge in its design to facilitate cutting through heavier weeds. The large gauge line won't fit through the holes in your old head? No problem! Drill two new ¼" holes (opposite each other) and get going in seconds.

No more beating and banging on the head only to have too much or too little line available for cutting. You have tough weeds, rocks, trees, and fences? No problem for Weed Tigers!

The History of Weed Tigers

Richard Oliver Grant, a lifetime salesman/inventor, invented Weed Tigers. He was President of a multi-faceted company, Major Concepts, Ltd., incorporated in the state of Virginia. Among his many inventions: the successful Grant Spear Point Knife, used in paper mills all over the world, as well as the Johnson Belt, a posture support belt used thus far primarily in nursing homes, providing extra support for wheel chair patients.

Oliver, like most string trimmer users, experienced great frustrations when using the trimmer to complete jobs only a string trimmer can do. The problems were directly related to the reel, and the thin, puny, .080 gauge line that is mandatory with the reel. Manufacturers had spent millions of dollars in research and development to solve the frustrating problems with the string feed—not to mention the public who, when using the trimmer, was even more frustrated than the manufacturer. Mr. Grant's research and investigations into the monofilament string industry, and just plain 'trial and error' led to his invention and development of a radically new approach to weed trimmer line—WEED TIGERS!

Since their first appearance a large flea market in Georgia in 1998, WEED TIGERS have been sold at many flea markets, as well as thousands of neighborhood hardware stores. It is patented by the USA Patent Office and boasts a lifetime manufacturer's warranty!

Mr. Grant developed Brain Cancer in 2000 and passed away in 2001. Weed Tiger, Inc., a small, closely held company of some 30-odd stock holders, continues to crank out these wonderful weed trimming jewels under the direction and supervision of it's CEO/CFO, Mary Ann Johnson.

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