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How To Order Weed Tigers

Weed Tigers can be ordered by phone or purchased online. To place your order use the buttons below, call the related number or visit the site listed below.

Online Orders

Orders of 1 - 6 Packs - $10.00 Per Pack

Orders of 7 - 11 Packs - $9.00 Per Pack

Order of 12 Packs - $8.00 Per Pack


International Orders shipped outside of the United States may be subject to addtional shipping charges.

Home Owners (orders between 1-5)

Please contact 1-800-869-8597 to place an order.

PRICE: $9.95 per pack + $7.00 shipping. Includes 12 replacements.

Dealers and Distributors

For inquires about placing wholesale orders please contact us at 1-877-764-7268 for more information.

PRICE: Call for more info.

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