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Six Reasons Weed Tiger is Superior to "tap and go" Trimmer Lines

1. EASIER. Every weed trimmer on the market can be adapted to use Weed Tiger trimmer line in less than three minutes. There are no add-on gadgets to buy. Weed Tiger trimmer line completely elminates the messy and frustrating task of trimmer line winding. A new Weed Tiger trimmer line can be installed in seconds.

2. MORE DURABLE. We use the world's thickest and toughest trimmer line which is custom manufactured to .145+/- gauge. Weed Tiger trimmer line is made of the highest quality nylon material available. The average grass trimmer uses .080 gauge line. The thickness of Weed Tiger trimmer line allows ONE PAIR of Weed Tigers to be equivalent to the usual trimmer line needed to trim six houses.

3. VERSATILE. Because of Weed Tiger's unique configuration, they fit and can be effectively used not only on the lowest-powered gas trimmer, they also can be used on even lower-powered electirc trimmers. Of course, they are just as effective and durable on top-of-the-line gas trimmers. This verstility and durability also make Weed Tigers excellent around chain link fences.

4. SAFER. Because of Weed Tiger trimmer line is bright yellow, it's easier to see. They are also a fixed length, which elminates skinned ankles and legs caused by when your tap and go trimmer feeds out too much trimmer line. The fixed length and higher visibiltity also makes it easier to avoid accidentally cutting down plants and flowers.

5. ECONOMY. Many weed trimmer maintenance problems are caused by the constant pounding on the ground which is necessary to make the trimmer feed more line. There is no pounding required for Weed Tiger trimmer line. Just slip in a new Weed Tiger trimmer line and it last and lasts and lasts...

6. LESS STRESSFUL. Jammed, tangled and or empty trimmer line spools can be a frustrating and time-consuming mess. It's no fun to be near the end of the job when you run out of trimmer line. You will love Weed Tiger's simplicity, ease of use and the pleasure you get from doing a great job on your lawn in less time.

For information on receiveing a free pack of Weed Tigers check out our Testimonials section!

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