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Customer Testimonials

"I'm very happy with Weed Tiger replacement 'strings' for weed trimmer machines. I was tried of always running out of string and the hassle of replacing it. But I didn't want to install one of those chain-type cutting heads because of the damage they might do trimming around trees and fences. So I bought a set of Weed Tigers.

It took only about 10 minutes to install them. You remove the originial spool and spring and then drill at 1/4in. hole in each side of the trimmer head. Then slip the Weed Tigers in place. Centrifugal force holds them in place.

The plactic on these things is very tough. I had them on two weed trimmers all last year and they appear to be fine for another year or two, maybe more. They're simple and easy to use.

- Mark Newhall, Lakeville, Minn.

"Nothing better!! I started using this product some years ago and cannot say enough good things about it. I used to buy them from a local distributor and they decided not to carry them any longer. Thanks Amazon for offering this fantastic product. Worth every penny."

- John P. Latino, Metairie, La.

"I have used this product for several years and am quite happy with it. Was unable to find it locally so I found it on Amazon.com and ordered them. I have recommended them to other people."

- LaVelle Mier, San Antonio, TX.

"I have been using Weed Tigers for 7+ years now and cannot say enough good things about them! They are an example of how a simple invention takes the headache, backache, and hassle out of a pain-in-the-!%#@, "butt" necessary, chore!! I just had the occasion to purchase a new weed trimmer and didn't hesitate throwing away the manufacturer's string configuration to install the Weed Tiger. I am not kidding when I say It cuts my yard trimming time down to mere minutes. This is real American ingenuity! Thanks, Weed Tiger!!"

- MD Mann, Richmond, VA.

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